Types of Public Liability Claim

Types of Public Liability Claim

You are out shopping for groceries and while turning into an aisle, you suddenly slip over spilt oil.
Was there a sign warning you about the floor being slippery? If not, then it means you were not at fault for the slip and can bring a public liability claim against the retail store.

The retail store owes a duty of care towards its customers to provide them with a healthy and safe environment within its premises. They are held responsible for any negligence on their part which leads to a personal injury to an individual.

Claiming for Public Liability

Public Liability claims include any kinds of accidents that occurred in a public space. Public space does not just include commercial establishments such as pubs, shopping malls and cinemas but also the pathways, roads and open areas. Most common cases of compensation claims involve:

  • People getting hurt by falling objects from above
  • Slipping over spilt liquid in a public place
  • Tripping over a broken or poorly maintained pavement
  • Falling due to inadequate lighting in the public place such as a cinema
  • Unrepaired potholes in parking lots, walkways or roads
  • Potholes left opened on pathways after repair work

Such accidents can lead to different kinds of injuries – such as head, hand, leg, shoulder and spine injuries, broken bones, fractures and even death in extreme cases. The compensation amount depends on the severity of the injury and its impact on the individual’s life.

The proprietors usually have a public liability insurance policy for dealing with such unforeseen incidents.

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Public Liability Claim

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