Public Liability Claim

Public Liability Claim

Public Liability claims are related to injuries sustained in a public place such as shops, supermarkets, stadiums and pavements. These injuries are caused due to some hazards present on the property or a poorly maintained public area. Claims related to occupier’s liability are also included in this category.

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. But if the accident in a public area was caused due to someone else’s carelessness, then it can lead to a public liability claim.

Public liability compensation

Claims for injuries sustained in public places are varied depending on who is responsible for maintaining the area where you suffered an injury. Personal injury claims can be brought against council bodies, shop owners, cinemas, supermarkets, event organizers, house owners / landlords who are responsible for maintaining the public area and also employers.

All establishments such as shops, pubs, restaurants and malls are required to ensure that their customers are provided with a healthy and safe environment while they are on their property. If an injury occurs due to their negligence, then the blame falls on the proprietor and not the customer.

The most common claims on public liability arise from any kinds of slips or fall experienced in a public place. The most common causes for indemnity claims are:

  • No notification/signage of any maintenance work being carried out
  • Ill-maintained public pathways
  • Slippery floors
  • Open/ unattended potholes on the road

It is important to show that the personal injury you sustained was because of the negligence of the property owner and that you were not at fault.

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Public Liability Claim

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