How to claim

How to claim

Did you know that if you hurt yourself in a public space due to no fault of your own, you can claim compensation for the personal injury sustained? Sometimes the accident is not that serious, but on other occasions it can lead to severe injuries.

Local authorities are responsible to maintain the roads and pathways. Commercial establishments are also required to protect the visitors from any kinds of trips, slips and falls. However this does not mean that you can make a compensation claim just because you fell in a public space.

A public liability claim is valid only when someone else is responsible for the injury you sustained in a public area.

Claiming for your personal injury

Unfortunately, sometimes people sustain serious injuries just because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. The proprietor is required to ensure the health and safety of all visitors and can be held liable in case of such mishaps. Although it is not mandatory, most commercial establishments and employers have a public liability insurance policy to pay out for such claims.

Our Public Liability team has been helping clients for years, fighting for maximum compensation on their behalf. We will help you gather evidence to build the strongest case possible and negotiate with the other party on your behalf. Our solicitors prioritise on the client’s satisfaction and aim to get the compensation they deserve.

Backing your claim

To make a successful public liability claim, it is imperative to prove the negligence on someone else’s part which led to your injury. Taking photographs of the area where you sustained the personal injury will be helpful to further your claim.

Other helpful evidence for your indemnity claim will be:

  • Record of an official complaint with the local body or the shop owner
  • Contact details of any witnesses to your accident
  • Measurements of the defects for e.g. the height of the loose pavement stone
  • Medical records of the injury and its treatment

The compensation award amount for your personal injury claim depends on the type of injury and its implications on your lifestyle.

Public Liability Claim

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